The Agile Zombie is a fast moving mob found randomly in the world.

Dealing Damage

The Agile Zombie moves quickly and can be sometimes difficult to attack. It deals the same amount of damage as a normal Zombie.

Taking Damage

The Agile Zombie is equipped with leather Running Shoes, but is otherwise unarmored. It takes double damage from fire, lava, and Potions of Healing. It takes no fall damage, and is healed by poison.


Item Amount Chance
Bone 1-3 50%
Quick Leather 1-2 50%
Quick Cloth 1-2 25%
Tiny Feather 1-2 10%
Poison Powder 1 10%
Congealed Blood 1 10%
Cooked Apple 1 10%
Ancient Ingot 1 5%
Wadding 1 5%
Gun Steel 1 1%
Ringing Iron 1 1%
Trickshop Point 1 1%
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