This update is incomplete, this page is a work in progress.

The Allies Update is a Trickshot Content Update that adds new functionality to Allies. Unlike previous updates, most of this update is being released as it is completed. More content and final release date TBA.



  • Fixed Allies not remaining loyal after reboot.
  • Fixed Allies not obeying "stay" after reboot and chunk reload.
  • Fixed Allies not seeking out hostile targets.
  • Fixed Allies crowding and pushing of owner.

New Features

  • Allies now warn owner when they are at low health (under 25%).
  • Allies now drop a small amount of Vanilla Experience when killing enemies.


  • Randomized gear for Warriors, Rangers, Stewards, and Warrior Mages.
  • Guildmasters found in the wild that give mcMMO experience booster crafting materials.
  • Useful and key items only obtainable through Ally kills against hostiles.
  • Ally factions/clans. Choose heroes or antiheroes that don't play nice with each other to fight by your side.
  • More neutral, friendly, and hostile mobs.
  • Ally leveling. The more they kill, the stronger they get!
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