The Arach mob is the webslinging cousin to the Spider, found randomly in the world.

Dealing Damage

The Arach doesn't do much damage normally (add a little poison for the Cave Spider variant), but it has a nasty habit of trapping its prey in sticky webs. This special attack renders players unable to move or attack until the webs fall off, allowing plenty of time for the Arach to move in for the kill!

Taking Damage

The Arach's main defense is its web attack, rendering even the most powerful melee weapons literally useless. It is, however, weak against Thorns enchantments and very weak against fire, lava, and explosions. They are immune to fall damage, and the Cave Spider variant is immune to poison.


Item Amount Chance
Spider Eye 1-8 50%
String 1-3 50%
Cave Spider Fang 1 50% (Cave Spider Variant Only)
Poison Powder 1 10%
Cactus Tea 1 10%
Wadding 1 5% (Spider Variant Only)
Trickshop Point 1 1%
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