Going Once! Going Twice! Sold!

The Auction House allows you to list items for sale on the server wide Auction House that is easily accessible with the /ah command.

In life there are a few things that are certain, death and taxes, here on Trickshot there are taxes that are on the goods that you sell using the Auction House.

  • A listing fee of ㊋25
  • There is a 5% tax on sold goods. Selling something for ㊋100 will give you ㊋95 


  • You may have up to 45 listings active on the Auction House at one time.
  • There is a listing cooldown of 10 seconds in between listings.
  • 7 days is how long an item can be listed
  • 14 days is how long an item shows as expired
  • 30 days is how long an item will be kept, It will try to return unclaimed items automatically.
  • After the 30 days items will be destroyed 1 day later once they're past the 30 days.
  • 90 days is how long sold items will be kept by the server.

Here's a list of helpful commands:



/ah Opens the Auction House GUI
/ah search [Item] Searches Auction House for a specific item
/ah sell [Price] How to sell an item on the auction house.
/ah selling Lists the items you are selling
/ah sold Shows what you have recently sold
/ah expired Shows you your expired items
/ah cancel Cancels all of your current auctions
/ah return Returns all canceled or expired items to you
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