Stand out with Super Trails!

From clouds of hearts, to wings of gold and much much more!

To access trails, use /trails. A GUI will appear where you can pick what trail you would like. In here you can also toggle them on and off.

Who gets what?

There are 4 different types of trails that you can use, depending on rank.

Settler Rank

Settlers get access to the Block Trails, these appear at your feet as you walk around. They have multiple block schemes too, wool, redstone and even ores!

Ascendant Rank

Ascendants get access to Particle Trails, these surround your character in your favorite particle type! Everything from hearts to waterdrops can be done with the particles trail!

Champion Rank

Champions get access to Rain Trails, feeling a strange storm above you? Well with Rain trails it allows you to have a cloud that follows you around dumping items on you! Diamonds to Wheat the rain trail has a lot!

Justicar Rank

Justiciars get access to the Wing Trails, want to roam the server with a cool looking set of wings? This is your chance! You can customize the type of wing and even the color of the wings!

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