The Pygmy is a hostile mob found randomly in the world.

Dealing Damage

The Pygmy does not deal in melee damage, instead opting to shoot players from a distance with its blowgun. Its blowdarts do only minor damage, but have potential to inflict poison. Pygmies never appear alone, and will always be found in a hunting party of seven. They can quickly overwhelm even a skilled fighter.

Taking Damage

The Pygmy only wears light armor and has 20hp. They are weak to Explosion, Lightning, Wither, and Projectile damage. They are strong against fall damage, and take no damage from Thorns enchantments. Their primary form of defense is their size and relative speed. They are small, fast moving targets that can be challenging to hit.


Item Amount Chance
Bone 1-3 50%
Arrowhead 1-3 50%
Tiny Feather 1-3 50%
Poison Powder 1 25%
Quick Cloth 1 10%
Quick Leather 1 10%
Hollow Cane 1 10%
Chicken Soup 1 10%
Cooked Apple 1 10%
Hot Chocolate 1 10%
Chocolate Milk 1 10%
Trickshop Point 1 1
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