The Stone of Shadows is a rare precious stone that gives the user a similar skill to the Assassin Class it makes the user vanish like the Void Walk ability.

"This stone appears to have some dark energy swirling around it..."


The Stone of Shadows is obtained from killing

The Stone of shadows can also be obtained from the Huntsman crate given by the Huntsman.


The Shadow Stone has 12 uses to it, in order to use it the user must hover over it in the hotbar. Right clicking consumes 1 use from the stone.


  • Weakness IV for 30 seconds
  • Invisibility 30 for seconds
  • Speed II for 30 seconds


While this stone makes you invisible it takes a percentage of the users health in exchange. Any armor being worn will still show but the users nameplate will be hidden. Users will find it difficult to attack but will find it easy to run away from danger.

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