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Trickshot is an MMORPG style Minecraft survival server, founded in early 2017. Trickshot's concept is a Minecraft Expansion Pack, with the ever evolving goal to continue to expand upon every possible vanilla mechanic available, and to continue to add new mechanics to facilitate limitless play styles. Trickshot is a server that players of all experience and skill levels can enjoy.

Trickshot will always be free to play and enjoy, with many gameplay upgrades available to earn through regular play. We do not believe in traditional rank systems, instead opting for a Donator and Subscriber model, and a small handful of aesthetic upgrades that do not affect gameplay available for purchase.

On our server, you will find 350+ new items (with custom textures), 180+ new crafting recipes (with new crafting mechanics), 100+ new mobs, and much more. This wiki serves as an official user manual for Trickshot, and is constantly updated with new and/or clarified information. All questions about any items and their uses, recipes and their ingredients, mobs and their mechanics, and our plugins and features can be answered using this comprehensive wiki!

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Table of Contents

  • Server Features - Commands, functionality, and usage of our plugins and features.
  • Items - A list of our custom items along with crafting recipes
  • Mobs - A list of our custom mobs along with their stats and drop tables
  • Trickshot Content Updates - We like to release updates in large packs, learn about them here.

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