The Weak Zombie is a slow-moving and nearly harmless mob found randomly in the world.

Dealing Damage

The Weak Zombie moves slowly has no defensive capabilities. It deals minimal damage.

Taking Damage

The Weak Zombie is equipped with nothing and has no weaknesses or resistances, it is unlikely a player will have trouble defeating this laughable enemy.


Item Amount Chance
Bone 1-3 50%
Quick Leather 1-2 50%
Quick Cloth 1-2 25%
Tiny Feather 1-2 10%
Poison Powder 1 10%
Congealed Blood 1 10%
Ancient Ingot 1 5%
Wadding 1 5%
Gun Steel 1 1%
Ringing Iron 1 1%
Trickshop Point 1 0.1%
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